Crossroads Presbyterian Church - Site Map (on new server 3/21/07)
  A. This Weeks Events
  B. Church Promotion
    1) Picture of Member
    2) Sound bite
      a) Why I joined this church
      b) What do I like about this church
      c) Why should you come to this church
      d) What is the best thing about this church
About Us
  A. History of the Church
  B. Map
  C. Sunday Morning Schedule
  D. Calendar
  E. Newsletters
  F. Testimonies
Church Store
  A. Bibles
  B. Books
  C. Supplies
  D. Clothing
  E. Gifts
  F. Marriage and Family
  G. Music
    1) Song Search
  H. Videos/DVD
  A. Mission Statement
  B. Vision Statement
  C. Core Values
  D. A Brief Statement of Faith
  A. Children's Ministry
    1) Purpose
    2) Philosophy of Education
    3) Activities and Events
    4) Rotation Schedule
    5) WACKy
      a) Purpose
      b) Calendar
      c) Pictures (or where should we locate pics?)
  B. Church Growth and Evangelism
    1) Purpose
    2) Alpha
    3) Activities and Events
  C. Discipleship and Nurture
    1) Purpose
    2) Activities and Events
      a) Education Hour
      b) Small Groups
      c) Spirit Alive
  D. Fellowship
    1) Purpose
    2) Activities and Events
  E. Finance and Stewardship
  F. Missions
    1) Purpose
    2) Ministries we support
      a) Presbytery
      b) Synod
      c) General Assembly
      d) Local
        i) FISH
    3) Outreach Events
    4) Special Offerings
      a) One Great Hour of Sharing
      b) Pentecost
      c) Peacemaking
      d) Christmas Joy
  G. Personnel
    1) Purpose
    2) Employment Opportunities
  H. Worship
    1) Purpose
    2) Philosophy of Worship
    3) Sunday Morning Worship
      a) Music
      b) Pictures
    4) Intercessory Prayer Service
  I. Youth
    1) Purpose
    2) Leadership Team
      a) Pictures
      b) Names
      c) Sound Bites
        i) Why I like this job?
        ii) Why do I work with youth?
        iii) What are our kids like?
    3) Activities and Events
      a) Calendar
      b) Pictures of Past Events
Elders and Deacons
  A. Elders
    1) Duties and Responsibilities
    2) Members
      a) Pictures
      b) Names
      c) Class
      d) Ministry Team
  B. Deacons
    1) Responsibilities and Duties
    2) Members
      a) Pictures
      b) Names
      c) Class
Our Pastor - menu page
  A. Articles on the Net
  B. Pastor's Page
  C. Welcome Letter
  D. Biography
  E. The Barrel - Index of Sermons from the Revised Common Lectionary
    1) Year A
    2) Year B
    3) Year C
  1) Director of Children's Ministry
    a) Biography
    b) Picture
    c) Email
  2) Office Administrator
    a) Biography
    b) Picture
    c) Email
  3) Custodians
    a) Biography
    b) Picture
    c) Email
  4) Accompanist
    a) Biography
    b) Picture
    c) Email
  5) Sunday Morning Child Care Provider
    a) Biography
    b) Picture
    c) Email
  A. Presbytery of Detroit
  B. Synod of the Covenant
    1) News about the denomination
    2) Special Offerings
    3) Resources
  D. Affinitive Groups
  A. Read Our Sign
  B. Search
  C. Links
    1) Netscape
    2) Internet Explorer
    3) Resources and credits
  D. Site Map